Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Biked all over town

Today - I had signed up for volunteering at focus groups for Vitality City. Vitality City is a group that comes into your city (for us Red. Beach, Manhattan Beach & Hermosa Beach) and works with these cities to get to to be more Walkable/Bikable & to get the community involved in a more healthy living. This was developed by Dan Buettner author of The Blue Zone. Well, I figured I would bike to the meeting. But the meeting was in another location -so by the time I found out the correct location & got there I had been biking for over an felt great, even falling. I survived.


  1. Woo Hoo, Hillary, you biking fool you! Get lost on your bike more often. But don't fall anymore, ok?

  2. I am considering a spin bike, but the one that I saw that was decently priced, I'm scared that it may not be as good as the others.

  3. @ Ms. Cat - any bike will do - just get on it & go. see see the bruises - I finally have some color (hahha)