Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Day 2

How is it going ladies?
Any successes, failures or stories to report?


  1. I drank only 1/2 a coke yesterday!! I am used to drinking at least 3 cokes a day, so for me that was a HUGE accomplishment. Today I have a headache so the evil fairy sitting on my left shoulder is telling me it's because i need a coke. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

  2. So- I am a total stress eater. Every time things get so hectic- I go straight for food. Any suggestions on how to combat this?


  3. Stephanie i used to do that a lot too, then i turned to gum. Every time i felt like eating i would pop in a stick of sugar free gum. It worked wonders!

  4. I have never blogged before so I am learning all sorts of new things. Yesterday I tried making black bean brownies. I saw it on a Dr. Oz show about weight loss. They are not bad. You may notice that my picture is of me eating Austrian fries with my daughter. Chocolate and potatoes - two of my main weaknesses.

  5. Stephanie, I'm an emotional eater also. I've found that working out is helping with that. I run out all of my frustrations and stress on the treadmill. Also, I would suggest paying attention to the things that cause you angst. I know that sounds especially simple. However, I can't stand my cell phone, so I leave the ringer off. Work on the things that you can handle/take care of, which will leave you with energy to handle the things you can't control. hope that helps.

    Ms. Cat