Thursday, January 6, 2011

We are Alive and Doing It!

Hello Ladies! Tucsons Yvonne and Andree have had a late start due to some illness but let me tell you, they are on the way! New diet, cleaning out the fridge of the undesireables; new work out, P90X kicking ass from day 1, and a new layer of friendship bringing mother and daughter even closer when we thought closer wasn't possible. Thank you all for adding spice to lives that are already spicy! We don't even know you but we love you all the same!

Sisters in Much more then weightloss!

Yvonne and Andree


  1. On Facebook, there is a like/thumbs-up choice. If there were one here, I'd click on it.
    Way to go ladies!
    Woo Wee!