Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New Day!

Well, today is a new day and therefore a new chapter in my life. I admit I haven't been using the blog..... nor have I lost any pounds, unfortunately. But in keeping with new chapters, I will begin using the blog as much a possible. I don't want to disappoint Margo or Myrna or myself for that matter. I think this blog is a great idea and a wonderful outlet of communication with like minds. In changing my lifestyle, this is another open avenue and although it's a challenge everyday, I'm up for it. I have a weight loss goal of 2 - 3 pounds this week. Wish me luck! Oh, I almost forgot this is a competition....lol.


  1. Good luck Tina! You can do it. We all can.

  2. Yes, you can do it! Eventhough I won't be having lunch with you the next two days, you better be good!!

  3. Good Luck!! I need to get a fresh attitude too! :)