Monday, January 24, 2011

Breakfast is SO IMPORTANT !!

If I had to say one thing ladies........ please make sure you get something in the morning for breakfast.
This was a tough week me (last week), three kids at three schools, husband very busy and trying to get ready for a move , so because i was so busy i did not prioritize my eating plan. OH NO ......
With that I realized that if I had eaten breakfast everyday ( oatmeal, fresh fruit or something) I am sure I would not have eaten so much at lunch :-(

Had a small setback , but pushing forward to making the corrections and getting back on track.


  1. I totally agree, so very important. I can't stand breakfast, I never want to eat it. But since I work out every morning, I've noticed a HUGE difference in my energy level when I eat a good breakfast. I also have oatmeal, a couple of eggs and a protein shake on the way to the gym. It sets the tone for my day and the rest of my meals are generally small.

  2. Yes! I taught school for years in my 20s and 30s without breakfast, because my flawed reasoning was, if I'm not hungry in the morning, I'll save the calories. We were ignorant of basic body science in those days. Once I learned to eat a little breakfast, I began regular bowel movements for the first time, and my weight stabilized. Duh!

  3. Yes! I agree also. I do not like breakfast food but have found that I can get down a protein shake & it does give your body the signal that more food is coming so it can let go of those stored calories! I used to skip meals a lot thinking if I wasn't hungry I shouldn't eat. I was amazed to see that when I finally started eating consistently small meals every 2-3 hours that the pounds started finally coming off! I still struggle and it takes planning but it does work! So eat eat eat...just healthy food & in moderate amounts!