Thursday, January 6, 2011

Don't drink your calories


One of my several mottos before losing weight was "If it ain't sweet, it ain't tea". I have been very guilty of drinking my calories (or Points for those of you who are following WW). Although I like water, I like sweet tea more. So 2 wonderful substitutes I've found are:

1) Feeling really sexy by making "Spa Water". Just like they do at the luxury spas, I make water with fruit slices. The more exotic the fruit, the sexier it feels!

2) Crystal Light flavored packets on the go, 5 calories, 0 WW PointsPlus!

I do this at home or on the go and only splurge on sweet tea rather than making it my drink of choice for all meals; breakfast, lunch and dinner!


  1. Sounds awesome, Pamela! I purchased one of those big gallon jugs with the tops that push in. I fill it up in the morning and depending on what my day looks like, I typically only drink it when I'm at home, because it's so cumbersome. After I finish my gallon, (64 ounces minimum for the day), I usually allow myself some other beverage (usually tea or Crystal Light), just to make sure I get my water in for the day. I might need to start making mine exotic...sounds fun!

  2. Drinking Crystal Light as we speak. If you don't have to pee every hour, you aren't drinking enough water.