Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Note from Tucson: Jan Eagle

To all Junos:

As you may predict, all Tucsonans have had our emotional lives rearranged in the past few days. I worked on Gabby's campaign and have been in awe of her commitment and accomplishments. And it was "my" supermarket, my neighborhood, now forever haunted.....
My despair did not drive me to reach for comfort food, so far, but it will take a while longer for me to concentrate on personal goals. I'm not at the gym yet, following a bout of chest cold and the tragedy. It helps me greatly to read your vivacious postings daily. I'll be vivacious later. Obama and the world arrive today, some in line at midnight for the 6 pm speech and those nasty funeral picketers are here. Send us strength.


  1. I can totally relate. It all took place in my neighborhood as well, a bit scary when the FBI come questioning at the hamburger/ice cream parlor where your teenage children work. Things like this just don't happen in our "small" but large town. Simply tragic.

  2. Those of us a bit removed will be strong for you in Tucson, my hometown.