Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Hi ladies! Welcome...I've turned into a nut as far as fitness/diet/nutrition is concerned, so I'll be sharing all the wonderful information I get with you all via this blog. If you've subscribed to this blog, (meaning the emails come to your email inbox) I would suggest selecting the "Daily digest" option, where you'll get all of the posts at once in one email, as opposed to getting them as we post. I'm pretty blog savvy, so if you need any help, please feel free to ask. Everyone on the email list should've received an invitation to join the blog, which will allow you to post as yourself, and not just as a reply to Margo's postings. Enjoy!

Heather aka The Fabulous Ms.Cat

P.S. Looking for a fabulous pic to post...lol

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  1. Yay to The Fabulous Ms Cat for helping us get our blog up and working correctly. Post away, ladies!